Smoke and Barrel 2022 BBQ Competition

Trial by Fire

Do you have what it takes to compete in an amateur bbq competition!? The steaks have never been higher (but not really, this is for fun)! Entries cost $105 per team/individual. Fill out the registration form and we’ll get back with you once you have submitted your application.

Prepare Your Grill and Test your Metal!

The run-down:

  • As a competitor you’ll be creating one Freestyle dish (whatever you want! anything can be bbq’d if you try hard enough!) and St Louis style ribs!
  • All food must be prepared on site from the 6:00AM—3:00PM and it must be cooked on a wood or charcoal flame (No propane. Sorry, Hank Hill).
  • Each team will be required to serve 3 sample portions of each dish for our judges.
  • The winning team of each category will receive $300, a sweet trophy and bragging rights.

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