Smoke & Barrel Jefferson’s Ocean Single Barrel Whiskey


Smoke & Barrel is so excited to present you with an amazing Single Barrel of Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 27. This delightful bourbon traveled all over the world and stopped at ports all across the globe. From Jefferson’s Bourbon, “The constant motion of the sea churns the whiskey, increasing its interaction with the wood of the barrel. Extreme weather ranging from the coldest of coldest to the warmest of temperatures hyper-ages the liquid in ways no rickhouse could. Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea® Bourbon is Aged At The Mercy of The Sea. Experience a voyage yourself.”

You can see the voyage that our special single barrel took from Savannah, Georgia, around Australia, up the east Asian coast and back here.

Bottles are only available for pick up at the United Way of SWLA in Downtown Lake Charles.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 9 in
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